Deranged: Roaul Moat story- Sunday People newspaper- Exclusive Two Page Spread ***July 2010***

A fellow inmate of killer Raoul Moat told us how he was with Raoul Moat when he was dumped by his girlfriend.

We sold the story as an exclsuive to the Sunday People newspaper which ran the sory across two pages.

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Raoul Moat: 'She dumped me for a pig'

Sunday People newspaper

DERANGED Raoul Moat broke down in tears in jail after his lover gave him the push and howled: "She's dumped me for a f***ing pig I'm gonna sort them out."

A fellow lag said the body-building brute lost the plot because he was convinced Samantha Stobbard had fallen for a cop while he was banged up.

And within a month of swearing revenge, Moat had murdered his hated rival who turned out to be a karate teacher gunned down Sam, shot and blinded a policeman and killed himself after a massive manhunt.

The weeping monster made his murderous vow to his prison pal Ryan McClure but he yelled it so loudly it was heard by scores of other E Wing inmates at Durham Prison.

Ryan, 26 freed last week after being caged for assault said: He looked me in the eye and screamed, Shes left me. Shes dumped me for a f***ing pig.

He was crying his eyes out. The tears were streaming down his face. It was like looking at a little baby cry.

When I asked him what was wrong all he would say was, When I get out of here Im going to sort them out.

Ryan became close to Moat serving 18 weeks for attacking a relative as they spent hours together in the prison gym and working in the canteen.

He said Moat was a fairly happy lad when they first met and would often talk about Sam, 22, saying he couldn't wait to get out and see her.

But that all changed when Moat rang Sam's mobile on June 12.


Ryan told The People: He went to one of the phone booths prisoners can use to call their friends and family.

He was fine beforehand. He was laughing and joking and taking the mick out of one of the other prisoners for being weedy and having no meat on his bones.

He said he was going to ring Samantha he used to talk about her all the time, about their lives together with the children and it sounded to all of us like it was going really well.

But when he came back he was like another person.

He completely changed it was like Jekyll and Hyde.

His face and neck were bright red, so red it was almost purple.

Someone asked him what was wrong but he wouldn't say.

I went into his cell when he was on his own and asked what was going on.

He looked up at me and it was like staring into the eyes of a mad bull.

It was at that moment Moat bellowed out his murderous threat, shouting so loud everyone on E Wing could hear.

Ryan said: He was fixated on the other man being a police officer.

He hated the police. It was one of his favourite subjects how much he hated coppers.

He called them pigs and said they harassed him on the outside by pulling him over in his car every five minutes for no reason.

In the following days, Moat clammed up about Sam.

But he did seek help from one of the jails listeners inmates trained by the Samaritans to counsel troubled lags.

Moats listener was Ryan's cellmate and Ryan would often find the two deep in conversation on his bunk.

He said: Moat would have his head bowed with his hands on top of his head, as if he was praying.

My cellmate wouldn't tell me what their conversations were about.

But he said Moat definitely needed help and wasn't getting it.

As far as I know he wasn't seeing any kind of professional or mental health expert while inside.

Ryan went on: After being dumped Moat rang Sam every day for two weeks.

But he either got her answerphone or shed hang up when he got through.

That made him even madder. He was obsessed with finding out the name of her new pig boyfriend and it made him angry because he couldn't.

Moat would fly into rages about the smallest things and got into a string of furious rows with his own cellmate, a lag called Eric doing time for fraud.

Ryan said: The cell was pretty basic. It had two bunks, a toilet hidden by a wooden screen and a TV.

The walls were bare apart from Moats photographs on the wall.

He went mental one time because Eric had stunk out the place. He shouted at him so much Eric got scared and left the cell then Moat used a permanent marker to draw a big picture of a penis on his sheets.

But the prison officers just laughed and didn't do anything.

Another time Eric was watching the World Cup on their TV.

Moat hated football, so he switched it off halfway through the match and shouted, Id rather smash this f*****g thing up than watch this.

Moat had two jobs in jail cleaning and handing out bread rolls at meals.

Ryan said: After Sam dumped him he used to just throw the rolls on to the prisoners trays.

One time he missed and the roll fell on the floor. The man was annoyed and wanted another one. But Moat shouted, F**k off, scum get out of my face.

Officers had to calm it down before a fight broke out.

But nobody messed with Moat much. He was a big guy and went to the gym almost every day.

He was obsessed with his body and could bench-press a ton of weight.

Hed strut around the gym dishing out advice to some of the beginners on how to train. He loved it.

Ryan added: Moat became addicted to protein shakes which he bought using the money he earned from his jobs.

Thats all he bought protein for his muscles and pot-noodles. I never saw him eat anything else.

He hated prison food. He turned his nose up at it and moaned it was all processed, not proper food.

I dont know how a big guy like that survived on what he ate.

Ryan gave Moat his now notorious mohican, a hairstyle made famous by Robert Di Niro as killer Travis Bickle in the 1976 movie Taxi Driver.

Moat asked Ryan for the cut days before he left jail on July 1.

Ryan, who had served six weeks for common assault, said: Id been a hairdresser years ago so when he asked me for the mohican I did it.

He said he wanted to look smart when he got out.

Two days after his release, Moat shot dead Sams new lover Chris Brown, 29, and seriously injured his ex at her home in Birtley, Gateshead.

Next day he shot cop David Rathband, 42, in the face costing him his sight.

A huge manhunt was ordered and a week later Moat was cornered in Rothbury, Northumberland.

He killed himself after a six-hour stand-off with armed police.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is probing why cops fired tasers moments before Moat died

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