'Dad Does A Luis Suarez' - Sunday Mirror Newspaper- Front Page Exclusive- ***June 2014***

We were tipped off that a dad had been baned from the school playground after it was alleged he had performed a Luis Suarez-type bite on the head teacher as a joke.

Our source- who remained anonymous- said that the headmistress was furious about the alleged incident and had complained to the governors.

We sold the story to the Sunday Mirror newspaper who ran an exclsuive front page article.

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Dad barred from son's school after biting headmistress in 'Luis Suarez-style' attack


A father banned from his ­six-year-old son’s primary school for allegedly biting the headteacher in a Luis Suarez copycat attack has insisted: “I was just having a laugh.”

Mark Anthony targeted stunned Mary Wilson in the playground the day after disgraced Uruguay striker Suarez bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini in the World Cup.

The headteacher was said to have burst into tears later that day and gone to hospital for a tetanus jab.

But postman Mr Anthony – who was picking up his son Neo – insisted it was a joke and he did not bite her.

He admitted it was “silly” but said: “All I did was nuzzle my mouth into her shoulder”.

Parents and pupils watched the incident in shock as they left the school after a special assembly about the World Cup.

One mum, who asked not to be named, said: “He must have been mad to think he could get away with biting his son’s headteacher.

“It happened in a flash. I don’t think he said anything, there was no row, he just thought it would be funny.

“Apparently she rang one of the parents and said she’d got really tearful about what happened that night.

“This parent was asked to attend a meeting to give a witness account. The parent was told Mrs Wilson had gone to hospital to get a tetanus jab because she was worried.

“The chair of ­governors said Mrs Wilson was thinking about going to the police. Of course you can’t have people going around pretending to be Luis Suarez.”

Mr Anthony was told to appear before the school’s chair of governors to explain his behaviour after the assembly, in which pupils carried flags of the different World Cup nations.

When the Uruguay flag came in the headteacher booed as a joke, according to one witness. She then gave a speech about Liverpool player Suarez and told children that biting people was wrong.

Yesterday Mr Anthony, 35, denied sinking his teeth into the head’s skin at St Mary of the Angels RC Primary in Bayswater, West London, on Wednesday afternoon. He said: “I can’t believe what was intended as a joke has been taken seriously.

“I only did it because I thought she would find it funny. I was just having a good laugh. We’re both Arsenal fans and we talk about football in the playground.

“That morning I’d gone to my son’s class assembly about the World Cup. When a teacher held up the Uruguay flag Mrs Wilson said ‘I would have thought you’d all be booing because of what Suarez did’. She was joking – that’s why I thought she’d find what I did in the playground funny.

“I was walking past her and all I did was nuzzle my mouth into her shoulder, make a stupid noise and run off. I did not bite her.”

He said Mrs Wilson looked surprised, but did not say anything to him. One witness said the teacher turned to other parents and said: “That was a bit weird, wasn’t it?”


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