Cops Won't Nick Intruder- Daily Mail Newspaper- Exclusive News Story- ***January 2014***

A family who found a drug addict asleep on the floor of their four-year-old's bedroom contacted us after becoming furious that police were refusing to prosecute the intruder.

James and Tanya Compton were so upset by the stranger in their home that they decided to move house.

We highlighted the story in the Daily Mail newspaper and got the family an excellent fee for their story.

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We found a drug addict in our son's bedroom... but the police won't do anything


  • Drug addict Mark Hill, 24, was found sleeping in a four-year-old's bedroom
  • James and Tanja Compton chased the bearded stranger out of their home
  • Mr Compton took a photograph of Hill outside their Isle of Wight property
  • Despite confessing to trespass, Hill was only prosecuted for drug offences 
  • As he got into house through an unlocked door no crime was committed
  • Police told couple trespass is a civil matter so they dropped all charges


Intruder: Mark Hill was found sleeping in a child's bedroom. This photograph was taken minutes later

Intruder: Mark Hill was found sleeping in a child's bedroom. This photograph was taken minutes later




A couple were left traumatised after they found an intruder high on drugs in their sleeping four-year-old son’s bedroom.


But another shock was to follow when police said they would not prosecute the man, even though he had confessed.


Tanja Compton found the man asleep on the floor when she went to wake her son Rubins. Her screams disturbed him and he fled, but not before her partner James Attrill took a picture of the 6ft bearded stranger.


Mark Hill was swiftly caught. He was  arrested and admitted he had been in the boy’s room. But to the astonishment of Mr Attrill and Miss Compton, police dropped all the charges and let him go.


Officers told the couple that Hill had been cautioned for drug offences but otherwise had not broken the law – as he had gained access to the house through the back door, which had been left unlocked.


The only action that could be taken was for trespass – which is a civil matter, not a criminal offence. That would mean the couple taking out their own court case against the unemployed 24-year-old.


‘I can’t believe the police have dropped the charges and are refusing to prosecute him,’ said Mr Attrill, 31, who even tracked Hill down to confront him over what he had done.






‘He has admitted he was there. But still the police won’t do anything about it.’


Miss Compton told of her horror when she discovered Hill in Rubins’s room when she went to wake her son up one morning last month at their home in Sandown, Isle of Wight.


The stranger was lying on the floor. She kicked him awake and yelled for Mr Attrill to call the police. ‘I couldn’t believe it – there was this man in Rubins’s room,’ she said.


‘I kicked him and shouted at him. He came around and started mumbling. Soon he was up on his feet and telling me everything was OK. James was on the phone to the police and we chased him out of the house.

‘Police found him down the road shortly afterwards and arrested him.


‘Rubins assures us that the man didn’t touch him or do anything horrible to him but I still worry what might have happened.


‘Surely it must be against the law for a stranger to go into a little boy’s bedroom without his parents’ consent.’


The couple, who have another son Mika, four months, have since decided to move, she added. ‘I couldn’t stay in that house after that. I just didn’t feel safe. We’ve had to move to another property which is more expensive but what else could we do?’


Hill, of Newport, Isle of Wight, is believed to have got in through the back door, which had been unlocked to let the family dog out earlier that morning.


Police told the couple he could not be pursued for burglary or breaking and entering as he had entered via an unsecured door. Frustrated by the lack of police action, Mr Attrill traced Hill, who asked for forgiveness.


‘He admitted he was the intruder and said he was sorry,’ said Mr Attrill, who works at St Cecilia’s Abbey in Ryde.


‘A child’s bedroom should be somewhere where they feel happy to play and are safe. This could easily have made Rubins afraid of being on his own. Luckily he has coped really well.’


Hill admitted to the Daily Mail yesterday that he was the intruder – but he insisted Rubins was never in danger. He said he had lived at the property himself about two years ago and had thought he was returning home.


‘I had taken some drugs and I didn’t know where I was. It wasn’t medication, it was recreational, I wanted to get high,’ he said. ‘I’ve got children myself so there was never any reason for that boy’s parents to worry. I’ve spoken to them and told them I’m sorry so I don’t know why they keeping going on about this.


‘I was arrested and charged with causing criminal damage and possession of drugs but the police dropped all the charges.


Hampshire Police said: ‘A man was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and drugs offences. He was released with no further action in respect of criminal damage and was given a formal caution for drugs offences.


‘No other criminal offences were identified by our officers.’

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