Cop Gets Pregnant By Paedophile And Moves Him In- Sunday Mirror Newspaper- Exclusive Crime Story- ***September 2012***

Cheryle Hibbert contacted our publicity agent Jonathan Hartley to help expose how the police have failed to learn the lessons of the Soham murders.

This was the second story that we sold for Cheryle about the police's failure to warn her that she was living with a paedophile, with who she ended up having a baby.

Our latest exclusive revealed that the convicted pervert had moved in with a police officer.

To help further raise awarness we have set up TV and and magazine interviews.

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Paedophile gets cop pregnant: Pervert shacks up with police officer who KNOWS all about his criminal past

A paedophile who set up home with a mum and her two young children after a police blunder has now moved in with his new lover... a serving policewoman.

Dan Brasier's latest girlfriend is police officer Claire Perry, now eight months' pregnant with his child.

She knows about his convictions for ­making indecent photographs, ­performing a sex act in front of a child and ­attempting to procure a child for sex.

Brasier met Claire, 32, when he was ­working as a satellite TV ­engineer and fitted a system at her home last August.

At around the same time he was ­sentenced to take a nine-month sex ­offender's rehabilitiation scheme and given a three-year supervision order.

Just weeks later they started dating, and by December Claire was pregnant and they had moved in ­together. She was told about his convictions in March.

Last week the Sunday Mirror ­revealed how Brasier, 33, lived for two years with his ex Cheryle Hibbert and her two ­children by another man.

She went on to have a daughter with him before discovering he was facing the paedophile ­charges he went on to admit .

Under rules set up in the wake of the ­murders of Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, Cheryle should have been told her new ­partner had been ­accused of the ­offences.

But the system failed and two officers from Thames ­Valley ­Police are now facing ­possible misconduct charges.

Meanwhile, Claire Perry, currently off work for medical reasons, is herself being ­investigated by Devon and Cornwall ­Police's professional standards department over a matter unrelated to her ­relationship with Brasier

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