Carer Steals From Granny- Sunday Mirror Newspaper- Exclusive Video Story- ***January 2014***

A carer was caught stealing from a garndmother with dementia after the family installed CCTV to see where the missing money was going.

The family wanted to sell the story to shame Janet Maddocks who took advantage of the 73 year old who she was supposed to be helping.

We sold the story exclsuively to the Sunday Mirror newspaper who agreed to withold the identity of the grandmother.

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Carer caught stealing from handbag of 73 year old gran as relatives installed CCTV to catch her in the act 

Sick: Janet Maddocks stealing from old lady's handbag
Sick: Janet Maddocks stealing from old lady's handbag
Sunday Mirror

A carer was caught red handed stealing from a grandmother with dementia after her suspicious family installed hidden cameras in her house.

Relatives watched in horror as CCTV footage showed Janet Maddocks in the kitchen, taking money from her 73-year-old charge's handbag.

The following day, they saw her rifling through belongings in the bedroom as filming was transmitted live to a laptop computer.

The family contacted the police, handed over the CCTV tape and last month Maddocks, 57, who had been provided by a private agency, was jailed.

The victim’s daughter said: “As we watched her taking the money we could not quite believe what was happening in front of our eyes. We were so angry that she was taking advantage of our mother. We felt completely numb by her actions, which have caused so much distress.”

Maddocks was one of a number of carers who took turns to visit the woman twice a day to help with her food and medication.

The daughter said her mother – who we are not naming at the family’s request – often became confused because of her dementia and would leave money around the house. She said: “She used to draw out around £200 to £300 a week, which she would put in places around the house.

“But over a number of months we noticed that the money wasn’t in the usual places and one week there was only £8 left. I knew something was definitely wrong.”


Thieving carer Janet Maddocks
Caught on camera: Thieving carer Janet Maddocks


The family decided to install CCTV to find the culprit. A few weeks after the cameras were set up, the daughter saw Maddocks acting suspiciously on film.

She said: “She was going through coats, handbags, pillowcases, which are all my mum’s hiding places for money.”

The daughter told how it looked like Maddocks was putting things in her pocket, but dismissed the idea because she was a carer.

But after watching another clip, she said: “Maddocks was in the kitchen and put her hand into my mother’s handbag. She threw the dog a treat when it started barking. I could see her taking the money out and putting it inside her bra strap before Mum came into the room.”

Maddocks, of Marple, near Stockport, was arrested but initially denied the thefts on October 8 and 9 last year. But when confronted with the film evidence, she confessed.

The daughter said: “She only owned up to taking £30 but a lot more money went missing. We haven’t told our mother but she knows something is wrong.”

Last month Maddocks pleaded guilty to two counts of theft at Stockport Magistrates’ Court and was given two five-month sentences to run consecutively.

DI Matt Hope, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “This was a sickening abuse of trust and the actions of Maddocks have had a tremendous impact on the victim and her family.

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