Campaign For BBC Soap Eldorado To Return To TV- Sunday Mirror Newspaper- TV Showbiz Story- ***November 2013***

When BBC soap Eldorado was axed by the BBC it had a whopping 10 million viewers.

We were contacted by a group campaigning for the TV series to be brought back to our screens.

In order to gain more support we had a story placed in the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

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BBC expat soap flop Eldorado could be set to return to the screens after 20 years

The ill-fated show set amongst British ex-pats in Spain still has a cult following and may return as a daytime show

Today: Polly Perkins back on set with Franco Rey
Today: Polly Perkins back on set with Franco Rey

The sun is set to rise again on BBC Spanish soap Eldorado 20 years after it was axed.

An online campaign by thousands of fans – who loved the mix of sun, sand, sex and sangria – has now won the backing of former actors and producers.

Stars including Polly Perkins, who played Trish Valentine, and Franco Rey, who starred as Roberto Fernandez, have just paid an emotional visit to the set on the Costa del Sol with producer Andrew Mark Sewell.

The complex which housed it is now home to seven modern film stages. Despite attracting a peak of 10 million viewers the show, set in the fictional expat community of Los Barcos, is widely remembered as a £10million calamity for the BBC.

But talks are now ongoing with UK broadcasters aimed at funding a return, on daytime TV.

Polly, who has recently appeared in EastEnders as Dot Cotton’s sister Rose, said: “People are still talking about Eldorado even after all these years. The tourists loved it, they felt connected with us and used to visit our locations.”

Even Alan Yentob the former BBC1 Controller who axed the show in 1993, recently admitted: “The campaign is more famous than the show itself!”

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