Boys Banned From Rugby For Being Too Big- Mail on Sunday Newspaper- Exclusive News Story- ***March 2014***

A number of parents contacted us after a public school rugby tournament refused to let boys over a certain weight take part.

As a result of the weight restriction, boys as young as ten had started to 'crash diet'.

We helped highlight the problem by placing an article on page three of the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

The parents were delighted the issue had been highlighted.

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Schools ban boys from rugby... for being too big: Angry parents complain their sons are embarking on crash diets

  • Public school Stonyhurst ruled under-11s must weigh less than 7st 11lb
  • Competition involves children fro 40 different schools around the UK
  • Parents claim their sons will feel pressured to lose weight or diet


It is not a sport known for the fragility of its players – but boys have been banned from a prestigious rugby tournament for being too bulky.

The ruling has led angry parents to complain that their healthy sons have started worrying about their weight and embarking on crash diets.

Organisers of the Stonyhurst Invitation 7s tournament in Lancashire have ruled that players in the under-11 category must weigh less than 50kg, or 7st 11lb. 

The competition will this week attract more than 40 teams from schools across the country. 

But parents at one of them, the £18,000-a-year Kirkham Grammar near Preston, were angry that their children could be excluded because of their size. 

One mother said: ‘A number of us noticed that our sons had stopped eating normally.

'When we started to ask why, we were told that they were worried about being too heavy...they thought they might be excluded from the tournament.

‘Some of the boys are just over 50kg but it’s not because they’re fat or unhealthy, they are just well developed.

‘A few boys have started to go on crash diets now because they want to be able to play.

‘Children shouldn’t be worrying about how much they weigh at that age. Personally, I don’t  think boys should even know  how much they do weigh.’

The school’s head, Annette Roberts, admitted it was a ‘contentious matter’ but  rejected pressure to pull out  of the tournament, telling  parents the rule was ‘for  safety purposes only’.

Stonyhurst College, which organises the event, said it had imposed weight restrictions for younger players for many years for safety reasons. 

Simon Charles, director of sport at the leading Catholic school, said: ‘It is to  get rid of the disparity of  earlier maturing pupils who  are considerably larger  than others.’

The National Schools Sevens, the world’s largest competition for the age group, hosted by Rosslyn Park in London, has a weight limit of 65kg (10st 3lb) in its Preparatory Schools section for Under-13s

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