Bitten By A Fox On The Face- National Newspapers- Exclusive News Story- ***April 2011***

Rich Langley contacted us after he was bitten by a fox while out night fishing.

Mr Langley wanted to make others aware of the potential danger.

We sold the story for Mr Langley to several national newspapers.

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Sleeping fisherman in furry 'deer hunter' hat bitten by fox

Daily Telegraph

A fisherman who was bitten by a fox as he slept in a tent believes that the animal attacked in the mistaken belief his furry hat was a rabbit or a water vole.

Richard Langley with blood smeared on his cheek moments after he was bitten Photo: KNS NEWS

Richard Langley had just dosed off in his fishing bivouac when he felt something move by his head.

At first he thought it was someone trying to steal his fishing rods but as he jumped out of the tent he saw a white-tipped tail disappearing into the distance and felt blood on his face.

"I was in shock but I wasn't scared," he says. "It was more frightening later going to hospital to get checked for rabies."

The incident is the latest attack by a fox on a human being after nine-month-old twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis were bitten as they slept in their north London home last summer.

Wildlife experts think the fox would have been "scavenging for food". The wild animal would have smelt fishing bait or sandwiches and would only have lashed out in the mistaken belief it was food or danger.

The insurance centre worker, who is six foot tall and weighs 13 stone, believes the fox mistook him for a small creature like a water vole or a rabbit.

"I was in a pretty deep sleep but I could sense something was close to my head. Then I felt a sharp pain and nearly jumped through the roof of my bivouac.

"To be honest I thought I had been hit on the had and someone was trying to steal my gear, because that does happen to night fisherman sometimes.

"Then I put my night light on and I saw something running up the path and spotted a sort of white-tipped tail. There was no doubt it was a fox.

"I think what happened was that it was sniffing around my head. I was wearing a sort of deer hunter hat with fur on the sides.

"I probably moved my head and the fox thought I was a small creature and struck. I felt blood running down the side of my face and took a photograph of it so I could see the damage. I was pretty shocked when I saw the photo. There were two puncture marks on my face."

The shocked isherman packed his gear and drove home before going to hospital the next morning where he was given a tetanus jab and put on a course of anti-biotics in case of infection.

Mr Langley appears to have suffered no lasting ill effects but said in future he would sleep with the door to his bivouac zipped up to prevent any further such incident.

He also said foxes should be controlled in the area.

"I do not have anything against foxes," he says. "But they were hunted for a reason. They are getting a bit cheeky now."

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