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The Cockerel that loves Marmite.


Pickle the pet cockerel is cockadoodle-doing fine after being cured of a crippling illness with daily helpings of MARMITE.

The nine-week-old rooster seemed to be on his last scrawny legs after developing a B1 vitamin deficiency. It made his claws curl up and he could barely walk.

Owner Sarah Oates feared he would have to be put down - until a local vet suggested giving him the savoury yeast extract.

Insurance worker Sarah, 45, said: "I was a bit sceptical at first but I bought a jar of Marmite and just kept smearing it on his beak each day for him to lick off.

"The results were amazing. Within a week he was strutting around as right as rain. They say you either love or hate Marmite and thankfully Pickle loved it. It definitely saved his life."

Sarah, who keeps nine chickens as pets to provide herself with eggs at her home in Reepham, Norfolk, now has trouble keeping pace with spiced-up Pickle.

She said: "He's so frisky he's become difficult to catch - sometimes I have to throw a tea towel over him to slow him down."

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