The ex-boyfriend of the girl at the centre of the Radio 2 scandal conatcted us after being telephoned by various members of the media wishing to buy his story.

We arranged an an excellent deal for Peter Turner with the News of the World newspaper for which he was paid a very generous fee.

Pete was delighted with his money and with the help and advice he was given

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Ex: Georgina is crazy for sex and fame.


A FORMER boyfriend of the girl at the centre of the Radio 2 phone scandal has exposed her as a fame-hungry sex maniac.

Pete Turner, a spitting image of Russell Brand, said of Georgina Baillie: "She's waited a long time for this sort of attention and is pushing it for all she can get.

"How anyone can be in something called the Satanic Sluts and be upset by what's happened is ridiculous."

He told how he met Georgina in February last year at a horror night at a north London club. Georgina was dancing half-naked in a cage before approaching Pete.

He revealed: "She walked straight up to me and asked if I liked sex. When I said yes she replied, 'Good, because you're going to be having a lot of it'.

"That night we ended up having a threesome with one of her friends. She really liked having someone else in the bedroom with us who she could order around."

Guitarist Pete, who split with Georgina in May, said she told him she'd slept with Brand. He said: "We were watching him on the telly and she mentioned it.

"She quite liked to tell people about it. It was a famous conquest after all. She told me he was an idiot and not a nice guy at all. Georgina always said I looked like him but that I was a better looking version and that I had a bigger willy."

Pete recalled the amazing sexual antics he enjoyed with Georgina at her flat in Holloway, north London.

He said: "She was so hooked on sex that she dubbed the place P***y Palace. I'd had threesomes before but she liked to go out and pull the girl for you or get her friend involved.

"Sex was at least twice a day, but sometimes four or five times. It would be in every room of the flat. She even had a pole put in the front room and would do pole dances for me. There was a pub across the road and she would open the curtains so people could see.

"Georgina's pretending to be all sweet and innocent to maximise the publicity around her but this is not the real her."

Pete. 24, revealed he had met Manuel star Andrew Sachs, Georgina's grandfather, last Christmas.

He recalled: "I was really nervous because I'm a big fan but he's a very nice guy."

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