We were contacted by Brian Collie to see if he could sell his video of Apprentice star Claire Young.

Claire had recently claimed on the hit BBC show that she had not done anything as a holiday rep that she would mind her granny reading about.

Brian's video of Claire as a cheeky rep gave a new insight into her time in Magaluf.

We set up an excellent deal for Brian and the story appeared as an exclusive in the News of the World newspaper.

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APPRENTICE finalist Claire Young is captured here making a presentation to the bawdy — of baby oil and chocolate body paint!

For the sharply-dressed businesswoman who out-talked Sir Alan Sugar once put on a St Trinian's outfit to strut her saucy stuff as a Club 18-30 rep.

Wearing studious specs and a cheeky grin, she shows off a white shirt emblazoned with the words "suck this" and an arrow pointing to her chest.

On her back is the number 69, a saucy reference to a sex position—all part of the club rep fun to get frisky lads fired up on holiday.

It's a world away from the serious image she has portrayed in The Apprentice boardroom. Last week gobby Claire, 29, confessed that she used to be a Club 18-30 rep, but she insisted: "There's nothing which, if my grandma picked up the newspaper, I would be embarrassed about. I haven't done anything particularly sordid."

Oh yeah? Well, we can reveal Claire's cheeky tactics to keep the boys entertained— captured in a raunchy video in Majorca's party town Magaluf by holidaymaker Brian Collie.

Brian recalled: "She had a lovely face, a good body and a nice pair of boobs. All the blokes wanted to s**g her."

Brian soon whipped out his video camera when he saw her dressed as a St Trinian after a pretend hen do.

He said: "Claire looked really sexy in a naughty schoolgirl outfit with knee-high boots and a miniskirt. I got my video camera out and started filming her. She turned to the camera, opened her bag and seductively pulled out strawberry lubricant, baby oil and chocolate body paint."

Brian, now 35, also recalled how Claire teased the lads with a raunchy routine with a busty blonde rep.

He said: "The night before she really got us fired up. All the reps were taking it in turns to dance or strip on stage.

"One of them, a sexy blonde, did a routine with Claire and started kissing her boobs. Claire was clearly loving it—and so were we.

"The whole holiday was based on getting drunk and having as much sex as you could. But I never managed to pull Claire. She was very flirtatious but a tough cookie. She knew how to keep men in line."

The retail buyer, nicknamed the Rottweiler for her ruthless streak, fights it out this week in the final of the hit BBC show.

Her strong selling has impressed Sir Alan. And it wasn't lost on Brian either during his two-week holiday in 1998.

The IT consultant, from Canvey Island, Essex, said: "As soon as we arrived she got out two bottles of Tequila and passed them down each side of the coach. We had a race to see which side could finish first.


"When we were all hammered she started selling excursions. She was so good, I signed up for every one and handed over £180. It was her job but I felt stitched up. They were just one drinking contest after another."

Brian added: "I hope she wins. But I don't know how my video will go down with Sir Alan—or Claire's grandma!"

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