Afghan Hero Beaten By Barracks Bullies- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive News Story- ***May 2012***

This shocking story revealed how a British soldier had been hospitalised by two corporals fater refusing to buy them a drink.
An anonymous source contacted about the incident saying that he wanted to expose the bullying culture that exists in our armed forces.
We had the story placed in The Sun newspaper.

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A SQUADDIE survived seven months on the Afghan front line only to be hospitalised by two corporals in a savage beating.

The 22-year-old private whom The Sun has decided not to name was fresh back from his tour when he went for a beer with others.

But a row broke out when two corporals allegedly ordered him to buy them drinks and he refused.

The soldier who led patrols in perilous Nad-e Ali searching for hidden bombs was set upon back at his base's accommodation block in Paderborn, Germany.

Sources say he was dragged from bed and battered with a chair for more than 25 minutes.

He even had his face and windpipe stamped on and needed an emergency tube inserted in his throat to allow him to breathe.

Comrades said he escaped with his life only after crawling out of a window when his attackers took a breather.

The lad was taken to hospital and flown home.

He is still receiving medical care.

Officers from the Royal Military Police are investigating the men from 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment after Friday night's outrage.

An insider said: "They left him in a bad way."

An MoD spokesman said: "Action will be taken against all those who fall short of the Army's high standards

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