About Cash 4 Your Story

Cash 4 Your Story is part of the kns news group - the country’s leading internet forum for selling exclusive news, pictures and videos to newspapers, magazines and broadcast media.

Established in 1991 we are now responsible for many of the big exclusive stories which appear in national newspapers , magazines and on television.
Our reputation has been built on obtaining people the highest possible fee when they sell their story.

Our contacts in television, newspapers and magazines means we can demand more money for your story.

kns news was originally set up by journalist Mark Houldey and has grown to become the leading story selling agency in the UK which has branched out to a number of specialist websites.

In 2004 one of the co-directors Jonathan Hartley added a publicity agent arm to the business. Publicist Jonathan helps raise the profiles of individuals and companies and helps deal personally with the large national exclusive stories. For more information visit the publicist’s website www.publicityagent.co.uk.

We also have a sister website called http://www.wlys.co.uk/  which deals specifically with women’s stories. Take a look please.

In addition, we have a popular website www.cash4yourpics.co.uk specifically aimed at allowing the public to sell their photographs and videos to UK and international media outlets.

What sort of stories can I sell to Cash 4 Your Story?
We are interested in any story that could be sold to a newspaper, magazine or television.

Has something amazing ever happened to you? Could your story act as an inspiration to others? Do you have a once in a life-time experience you want to share?

  • Celebrity stories
  • Romance / Love rats
  • Medical miracles
  • Heartbreaking / warming
  • Kiss and tell
  • Amazing pets
  • Political scandals
  • Bizarre
  • Life-changing
  • Newspaper investigations
  • Divorce / Revenge

We work for all the national newspapers and women's magazines including: The Times, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, News of the World, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Take-a-Break,That's Life, Full House, Pick-Me-Up, Bella, Love It!, Real People, Woman’s Own, More, Cosmopolitan and Woman.

Because we sell stories to both national newspapers and magazines we can also do multiple deals for the same story to boost your payment.

If you wish to contact us by letter or parcel, our postal address is:

KNS News
Independent House
18/20 Thorpe Road

If you think you might have a story to sell fill in our story form or call our story hotline on 0845 60 90 118.

Contact us today. . . to earn big money for your story!

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