Abducted Girl Tells Of The Trauma She Still Suffers- The Sun Newspaper- Exclusive News Feature- ***July 2013***

Shevaun Pennington first contacted our publicist Jonathan Hartley in 2008 when she was able to tell the story of her abduction.

Since then Jonathan has sold a number of stories for Shevaun.

The latest story was sold in the light of the recent abduction of a school girl by teacher Jereny Forrest.

We sold the story as an exclsuive news feature to The Sun newspaper.

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A WOMAN who was abducted by a pervert when she was 12 yesterday warned the schoolgirl taken to France by teacher Jeremy Forrest that she faces years of trauma.

Shevaun Pennington, who like the Forrest girl was the subject of an international manhunt after sneaking off to Europe, said: “It is going to be very hard for her. I know it was for me.

“It can destroy a family, drive a wedge between you and your parents.”

US Marine Toby Studabaker
Pervert ... US Marine Toby Studabaker is still in prison


Shevaun, 22, said that a decade on from being abducted by a US Marine who had groomed her over the internet she still suffers from extreme anxiety and is unable to work.

She added: “I’m still traumatised, I’ve got agoraphobia and depression. I spend most days indoors and I don’t really trust many people. It’s had a massive impact.”

There are stark similarities between the two cases.

Shevaun was flown to Paris by 31-year-old Toby Studabaker, from Michigan, after he travelled to Manchester to meet her.

The pair stayed in a hotel for two days, where they had sex before moving to Strasbourg.

Studabaker was finally arrested in Germany.

Shevaun Pennington
Shevaun Pennington ... aged 12

Forrest, 30, took the 15-year-old to France, where they spent eight days on the run before being caught in Bordeaux.

Shevaun, who now lives alone with her two dogs, said the girl in the Forrest case undoubtedly feels she loves him.

She added: “She’ll be feeling totally lost. I’m not surprised she thinks she loves him and is saying she’ll wait for him. Her body and mind are developing fast and she’s been through such a traumatic experience.

“I hope people are going to be more understanding about her than they were to me.

“For me there were always people there ready to poke fun.

“I’d been on the front pages of all the newspapers and they all knew it.

“I dropped out of school at 14.

“I suffered from anxiety and I couldn’t be sat there with people around me, I just didn’t feel comfortable.

“I took a lot of stick. I still get it now. People still remember, even ten years on.”

Shevaun said her family was torn apart by the trauma.

She added: “It can be catastrophic. 

“I do feel sorry for my mum and dad. 

“I put them through the wringer.

“When I got back it was so emotional. It was hectic. Mad. I felt I didn’t trust my parents. I was easily swayed. But I know they love me.”

Shevaun said she had also blamed herself after Studabaker spent four years in a British jail.

She added: “I know he was the one leading me, the one doing the wrong thing. But I still feel partially responsible.

“Even though my mind wasn’t that sophisticated I still knew what we were doing.

“Everyone kept telling me he was the responsible adult while I was a child. But in my mind I knew a bit what I was doing, even at the age I was then.”

Shevaun said she knows the Forrest schoolgirl will have similar feelings of guilt after he was jailed for 5½ years last week.

She added: “I just hope in the future she can get over it and deal with things.

“He’s been punished and will be in prison for a few years.

“People used to give me hassle but they didn’t know what I’d been through. Hopefully she can move on with her life.”

Shevaun said she had followed the Forrest case closely.

She added: “When I was reading about it I recognised a lot of the same things. Certain things were the same.

“Going across France and being vigilant, looking out for people who were looking at you.

“They dyed their hair and we dyed ours. We used false names to avoid detection too.”

But Shevaun admitted she was shocked by Forrest’s actions.

She said: “He was an authority figure, a teacher. He was trusted with children’s minds. He’s betrayed that trust.”

Studabaker is currently serving 11 years in a US prison. After returning to America he was arrested for having obscene images of children.

But he still writes to Shevaun declaring his love — and has even rung her from prison.

She said: “He has sent me a few letters. I think that there were three in the last year or so.

“He says he still loves me in them. But I don’t trust him really.

“He says he wants to see me when he gets out but I don’t really want to. I’ve no plans to see him.”

Shevaun said Studabaker initially wrote to her at her parents’ address.

She said: “When the first letter arrived I saw it was from the US and I took a sharp intake of breath.

“I don’t think my mum and dad really realised who it was from.

“I responded to the first one or two letters but I didn’t reply the last time.

“He rang me on my mobile too.

“We just chatted about things, this and that. He’s been in prison for a long time but he seems to be doing all right.

“He asks how I am and says he’s worried about me.

“He said he’s earning a slave wage in prison, working putting together MP3 players, dull work.

“For the last God knows how many years he has sent me birthday cards.

“I think I have some empathy with him. I feel partially responsible for him being where he is.

“He is humble and he does say sorry and that kind of thing.

“Maybe if I did meet him it would help me get a bit further and make some progress.

“It might help me get over my mental problems and just get back to everyday life.”

Shevaun, of Leigh, Gtr Manchester, recently split from her long-term boyfriend.

She said: “It was good, a normal relationship. I spoke to him about what happened. I find honesty is the best policy.

“But I just don’t trust people after everything that happened. That’s why I’ve got my dogs. Dogs are better than humans. You can trust them.”

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4980865/Itll-be-very-hard-for-Forrest-girlten-years-on-Im-still-traumatised.html#ixzz2XE0arYlD


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