7-Year-Old Told Not To Use His Fingers To Play 'Guns'- Daily Mail Newspaper- Exclusive News Story- ***June 2011***

Father Ricky Cardy contacted us after his son was scolded by his school for pretending his fingers were a gun.

We sold Ricky's story for him to the Daily Mail newspaper as an exclsuive.

Ricky was delighted with the story and the fee.

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School scolds boy of seven for using hands as gun.

Daily Mail newspaper.

For generations, young schoolboys have run round at break time with their hands held in the shape of a gun, pretending to shoot each other.

But when seven-year-old Logan Kennedy and a friend did exactly that in the playground last week, they found themselves being told off for using 'threatening behaviour'.

Teachers said they would send the boys to the headmistress and urged their parents to discipline them over the 'unacceptable' army games.

Yesterday, the parents condemned the 'overzealous' response of staff at Nathaniel Newton Infant School in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, and said their sons were simply pretending to be soldiers like countless other 'normal little boys'.

Logan's stepfather Ricky Card said: 'It's ridiculous. How the school can claim Logan was acting in a threatening manner is beyond me. Young boys have always played games like Cowboys and Indians or army games. There is no harm in it.'

Mr Card, a 26-year-old welder, said Logan was 'hardly a tearaway' and had not been in trouble at the school before.

Logan's mother, Kerri Bird, was told of last Wednesday's incident when she arrived to collect him that afternoon.

Miss Bird, 30, said: 'The teacher told me he had been making gun gestures at other children in the playground and urged me to punish him in some way, or have a word about it, but I refused.'

She said she was told Logan would be sent to see headmistress Pam Griffin, but Mr Card persuaded the school that that would not be necessary.

'Logan was scared to go to school the next day because he thought he was going to be told off by the head,' said Miss Bird.

Logan told the Daily Mail he felt 'sad' when the teacher told him off. 'I like playing guns at school as well as at home with my friends,' he added.

The school said some pupils had been making gun gestures at teachers in classrooms. But Mr Card and the mother of the other boy denied their children were among those playing indoors.

The other boy's mother, who does not want to be identified, said: 'This was just a case of kids being kids and the school has gone totally over the top.

Speaking out: Logan's mother Kerri Bird and step-father Ricky Card have condemned the over-zealous response of the school to the behaviour

Speaking out: Logan's mother Kerri Bird and step-father Ricky Card have condemned the over-zealous response of the school to the behaviour

'A few months ago they held a non-uniform day and some of the boys went dressed as the cowboy Woody from Toy Story. You can buy the outfit for about 10 and it has a toy gun on it but the school didn't say a word about that.'

A spokesman for the 180-pupil school said: 'A judgment call has to be made if playing turns into unacceptable behaviour. The issue here was about hand gestures being made in the shape of a gun towards members of staff which is understandably unacceptable, particularly in the classroom.'

Margaret Morrissey, founder of the family lobby group Parents Outloud, said: 'Children have played Cowboys and Indians like this for generations and it does them absolutely no harm.

'In my experience, it is the children who are banned from playing innocent games like this who go on to develop a fascination with guns.'

Marcus Jones, Nuneaton's Tory MP, said: 'It is quite apparent that the seven-year-olds would be playing an innocent game. When I was that age that type of game was common place and I don't remember anyone coming to any harm from it.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1392900/School-scolds-boy-seven-threatening-behaviour-using-hand-gun.html#ixzz1O0pc51dq

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